Khaamiyaan (खामियां)

Dil kaamyaab tha tere pyaar mein kabhi

Magar dikhe abhi bas khaamiyaan meri

दिल कामयाब था तेरे प्यार में कभी 

मगर दिखे अभी बस खामियां मेरी 



Gautam said…
Hello! Ajay! I am Gautam Bharadwaj ( Composer).We used to work together on songs during blogswara days with your friend Azam Khan! I want to surprise you because I have professionally recorded your song in hindi.."Harpal Palkon pey rakhe they". How do I share it with you when the final cut is ready? Hoping you would see this message and respond....🙏🙏

Please email me at

Gautam Bharadwaj

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