Jaadoogari nigaah ki

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

जादूगरी निगाह की समझाके जाइये 
आये है होश में अभी अभी न जाइये 

पहलू में आज आपके जो बेरंग होगये 
कहते है गुल वो आप से महकाके जाइये 

लिपटी दिल से आप के जो राज़दार है 
नाम उस किताब में मेरा लिखकरके जाइये 

जुगनू ख़याल-ए-यार के अपने चिराग है 
सुबह कभी तो लाइये घर आके जाइये 

होने लगे है हम भी कुछ मशहूर शहर में 
ऐसे ही रोज़ देखिये मुस्काके जाइये 

Jaadoogari nigaah ki, samjhaake jaayiye 
aaye hai hosh mein abhi, abhi na jaayiye... 

Pehloo mein aaj aapke, jo berang hogaye 
kehte hai gul vo aap se, mehkaake jaayiye 

 Liptii hai dil se aap ke, jo raazdaar hai 
naam us kitaab mein meraa, likhkarke jaayiye 

jugnuu khayaal-e-yaar ke, apne chiraag hai 
subho kabhii to laayiye, ghar aake jaayiye 

 hone lage hai hum bhi kuch, mashhoor shehar mein 
aise hi roz dekhiye, muskaake jaayiye 

 - Kaunquest

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash


Anki said…
Nice song !!!
Anonymous said…
hey this couplet is really awesome...very filmy! :)

thanx for all your comments on my blog...

do excuse me for delayed replies.
Suma said…
Aise hi roz aaiye, khyaal bataate jaaiye (i mean comment chodkar jaaiye ;-) ).

Did not follow line no. 7: jugnuu khayaal-e-yaar ke, apne chiraag hai
Unknown said…
Ur blog is very nice...



Unknown said…
Ajay, I am always mesmerized by the imagination of poets. You have some nice ideas in this song (poem).

One issue I notice is that of weight (wazan). In Urdu poetry, wazan makes quite a bit of difference. I see the first sher is getting slightly out of weight.

For example, "aaye hai hosh mein abhi, abhi to na jaayiye" would be in wazan as "aye abhi hain hosh mein, abhi na jaiyee". However, the latter takes away some of the intensity from the "iltejaa" (request) made in it.

Like it a lot. Can you write something on "the good memories of the past"?
Anonymous said…
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Bhuvana said…
u had left a comment on my blog quite sometime back, thnks, this is not the right place to say this but thnks again :)

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