इक खस्ता दिल बस्ता है यहां (Ik khasta dil basta hai yahaan..)

Ik khasta dil basta hai yahaan.. 
rakhtaa hai kareeb woh.. 
ik mauhoom dostii...
ik mehroom sii khushii... 

k khasta dil basta hai yahaan.. 

 vo kash-e-aashiqui 
dilkash vo tishnagii 
jangal ki aag thii 
na-saaz kar gaii

kehte the humsafar 
naadaan the..bekhabar 
aainon ka vo saudaagar 
dhund mein thii ye nazar 

kuch aur thii vajaah, 
kuch aur keh diyaa 
maana ke hoon buraa, 
tujh mein nahiin aib kyaa? 

 - Kaunquest 
Khasta = wounded 
mauhoom = imaginary  

इक खस्ता दिल बस्ता है यहां 
रखता है करीब वो 
इक मौहूम दोस्ती  
इक महरूम सी खुशी 

वो कश-ए-आशिकी 
दिलकश वो तिश्नगी 
जंगल की आग थी 
ना-साज़ कर गयी 

कहते थे हमसफर 
नादान थे बेखबर
आइनों का वो सौदागर 
धुंध में थी ये नज़र 

कुछ और थी वजह 
कुछ और कह दिया 
माना के हूँ बुरा 
तुझ में नहीं ऐब क्या 


Rashmi Nair said…
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Rashmi Nair said…

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. Really appreciate it. I heard some of your songs; very soothing renditions!
Could you pls tell me how to get one of those podbean playlist widgets. I would like to use that on my blog as well. It is so much easier for visitors to browse thru all the songs.

Keep up the good work and do let me know when you update your blog.

thahseen said…
kuch aur thii vajaah,
kuch aur keh diyaa
maana ke hoon buraa,
tujh mein nahiin koi aib kyaa?

Bohot Khoob!

Unknown said…
Hmmm I like poetry...evem more so if it's in urdu. But my urdu is poor (read "I use an urdu-english dictionary")
"badgumaan kar gayi" aur "mauhoom" ka matlab bataoo
Anonymous said…
Kya baat hai...ek ek labz dil ko choo jata hai aur mehsoos karnew ko mazboor kar ta hai....bahut badiya...lovely!
Kaunquest said…
Rashmi, its simple. Just create an account in podbean.com and then just go about creating your song list in podbean. When you save it, podbean offers you a script which you can copy and embed in your blog. Its as simple as that! Good luck.

Thanks for your comment on my songs. Much appreciated!
Kaunquest said…
Thanks Tahseen, I am glad you liked it! Please do read my other posts when you get a chance.. I hope you will find more stuff u may like!
Kaunquest said…
Megha, Sorry about the delay. but I have now added meanings for some of the rare words. :)
Thanks for your visit. Please do listen to the songs too :)
Kaunquest said…
Flyingstars.. Thanks for your visit and kind remarks. I am glad you liked it! I enjoyed your photography. Plan to be a regular visitor to your blog!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ajay,

I again heared this song now. I liked it very much. Put some more songs so that I can come to listen it. Achha laga aapka comment padhkar apne blog per. Shukriya and plz do keep visiting.

brew.some.more said…
waah waah.. very nice :) :)

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