है वही जहान नज़र में (Hai wohii jahaan nazar mein)

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

है वही जहान नज़र में 
नज़रिया बदला सा है 
परख रहा हूँ तुझे ज़िंदगी 
तेरा चेहरा बदला सा है 

Hai wohii jahaan nazar mein, 
nazariyaa badlaa sa hai 
parakh rahaa hoon tujhe zindagii, 
tera chehraa badlaa sa hai.. 

 Birthdays, not keen on big celebrations, but maybe an opportunity to reflect and refresh! To define and redefine yourself and your priorities. You find your strenghts. You learn about some of your mistakes/weaknesses and some, you know, are yet to be discovered. You understand about the people and things that matter to you most. You find events and people that leave an impresssion on you, positive or negative. You realize not everything is what they seem to be and not everyone is as true and honest as you believed them to be! The learning continues, you keep inventing YOU!


Anonymous said…
Retrospect.......... serious thoughts... and may be not so serious thoughts!! hmm.... any important event in your life can get you thinking.........about all that matters.............and also things which never mattered, yet we let them effect our lives. ineveitable i guess........and somehow thats what make it worthwhile....

been a while.. i dont find myself updated with the blog world. but there are a few bloggers who have always been on my mind. have left an impression on me.... urs is one of them... and anu's too.

keep writing....... you do that the best !!

God Bless !
Kaunquest said…
Shalz, could'nt get to your blog from your profile. can you send me the direct link.

I agree.. sometimes u need events to put things into perspective! Whilst u are in the mad rush, where is the time to think! :)
Anonymous said…
hey there... dropped in to see new update. dont see any new post. how have you been doing?

well, as for the link it is www.shalsnair.blogspot.com

take care...
god bless

Kaunquest said…
Yup! updated..

Thanks for the link :)

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