बर्क़ सी गुज़री (bark sii guzrii)

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(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

बर्क़ सी गुज़री
लहर सी उठी
रगों में आग चली

वो जिस्म है
या तिलिस्म है
के रुकी सांस
मेरी जान चली

bark sii guzrii.. leher si uTii
ragon mein aag chalii..

vo jism hai
ya tilism hai..
ke rukii saans
merii jaan chalii..


Shalz said…
Hey Ajay

Nice to see you have continued doing what you always did best..

Keep writing, cus i am sure there are people who drop by .. soak in what they read, and get on with their lives, with a feeling that they have been wanting to express.

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