बूंदों की दबी दबी हसी (Boondon ki dabii dabii hasii)

Here is a composition by a singer friend Sumi. Although, its her first attempt at composing, I think she has really lifted my lyrics with her creative touch.
music & vocals – Sumithra bhakthavatsalam Sumithra Bhakthavatsalam
Lyrics – Ajay Chandran (@kaunquest)
I look forward to your feedback

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

boondon ki dabii dabii hasii
chat se sunaaaiii di
saawan mohe sataaye piyaa
ab to dikhaayi de

sajti mai kis ke liye birhan
udaas lage mohe har darpan

ghar gumsum (hai), chup hai angnaa
teri aahat ko... tarse mann..tadpe mann..

baadal garje to (mai) Dar jaaoon
bujhe jo diyaa to kaap uTuun
ratiyaan ratiyaan jaaGe nainaa
tum bin mai (to) na... so paauun... jee paauun..


Srividya said…
Great composition Ajay. Lovely lyrics.
It must have been a really difficult composing such a classical tune for this verse. Sumitra's got a beautiful voice. I love the way she starts the song.
Great job both of you.
meena said…
I was just moved by the composition and singing..I am unable to feel the lyrics since I dont know the lang much..But I could easily connect with tthose tunes...Many kudos both of you!!!

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