Blogswara 2 has arrived

Dear Friends, Yes... BLS 2 is now online. Hope you will enjoy listening to our songs over and over :)) Please do give us your valuable feedback and spread the word too.

Visit to listen and download the songs. We have also got dial-up version of the songs this time.

Visit our blog and post your comments

The album contains the duet version of the song 'hai mera dil'. Here is the solo version by Swati Kanitkar which was done later..


Ganesh said…
Ajay Congrats man
What an awesome song and lyrics, puts you in such a peaceful mood.
Great job dude.

I have also finally done some major upgrades to my setup so looking forward to work with you very soon.
Kaunquest said…
Hey Ganesh, thanks buddy.
Thats exciting news!! We have couple of unfinished songs, don't we! :) Lets get back in business.

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