मिटाये जा मेरे निशान (Mitaaye jaa mere nishaan)

Wallpaper sand, sea, wave, beach, summer, traces, shore, summer ...
(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

मिटाये जा मेरे निशान
दिखा तू रास्ता नया
इक नयी लहर दे ज़िंदगी
बे-दाग कर मेरा जहां

mitaaye jaa mere nishaan
dikhaa tu raastaa nayaa
ik nayi lehar de, zindagii
be-daag kar meraa jahaan

to shed the past.. to reinvent


ZEG Consultants said…

Again, imagination at work! I am intigued by this thought though. Please explain the gist of it if you get a chance.

Kaunquest said…
Murali, now you would want me to make it a full song! :) my To Do list is growing.

Edu, thanks!

Khan sahab, thanks. I saw this image of footprints in sand on another blog. Then words just formed into this metaphor of life bringing a wave that sweeps away those footprints of the past and at the same time creates new paths, for a new beginning. I kept it a bit ambiguous, because I liked it that way :)
anil bs said…
thakarkukayaanallo...!angane varatte...
Alapana said…
I had an image on my blog recently,foot prints on sand,somehow your post reminds me of that.
Kaash aise ho zindagi ke saat,har ek kadam jo chootgaya peeche,ek hawa ke jhonke ke saath mitjaaye woh sabhi,ek naya kadam,ek nayi lehar,kaash,aisi ho zindagi,naa koi aahat gujre dino.n ki,naa koi ummed aanewale pal ki.
Kaunquest said…
@Alapana, it was your blog and your post. Please see my reply to Khan Sahab above :)

@Ani chettan, thanks. will chat with you some day soon.
Alapana said…
Oh,read it now:) Sometimes faceless images create expressions only which can be expressed in words,strange:)

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