सीने से लगा है आप के (Seene se laga hai aapke)

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(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

सीने से लगा है आप के.. जो खुशनसीब है
नाम उस किताब में मेरा लिखकर तो जाइये

Seene se lagaa hai aapke, jo khushnaseeb hai
meraa naam us kitaab mein likhkar to jaayiye

Its been a while since i wrote something. I have been busy with my India trip, work and also some new songs. Hope to be able to do more regular updates in the coming weeks. This is another couplet is in the lines of 'jaadoogari nigaah ki samjhaake jaayiye' which i had posted earlier.


Alapana said…
Missed your posts:) Welcome back.Hope you had a wonderful trip.
Dawn said…
Cool...so you did go to India...am sure it must be refreshing ...:)

Looking for more to read :)
Kaunquest said…
@alapana, Yes I did! thank u. :)

@Absolutely! I will try to do regular updates. We are working on few songs too and also, my family is back with me. Need to find time in between, to write something for the blog!

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