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hi friends, Blogswara is an online music album by bloggers. The release date for blogswara is 25th May. You can read all about blogswara here -

All songs will be available for free download from 25th May. Please help us promote this album in blog world. It would be great if you could help us by linking to our website in the side navigation bar of your blog.
You can use the below image for the link to

These songs are my contributions to this initiative.

Shikwe Giley

Shikwe, giley saare gaye
mai alvidaa kehkar chalaa
aur kahin... duur kahin...
shaayad mile naa phir kabhi
shaayad mile hum phir sahii
aur kahin... duur kahin...

vo baahen roke mujhe
vo nazren Toke mujhe
soz-e-jigar baD jaayegaa
jaane kya dil kar jaayegaa
sun-na nahin kuch bhi sadaa
unke shehar se chaluun
aur kahin... Duur kahin...
(shikwe giley....)

mujhko na ho dil ki fikar
aisa samaa DoonDe nazar
din ho naye, naya aasmaan
naya naam ho, naya ho jahaan
shaayad wohi ruk jaauungaa
phir ajnabi mai banuun
aur kahin... Duur kahin

(shikwe giley...)


Aisi Bheegi

aisi bheegi bheegi raaten,
phir na ho yeh barsaaten
aajaao, Aabhijaao tum,
baahon mein, meri baahon mein

kahiin meri neendon mein,
tere khwab jeete hain
ummedon pe sote hain
ishaaron se, woh jagten hai
(Aisi bheegi...)

khile gul, sitaare hain,
haseen shab, bahaaren hain
mere is viraane mein
nazaare hain, tere saaye hai

(Aisi bheegi...)


Anonymous said…
Ajay - Shikwe Giley is very good. I downloaded it and must have listened to it like 30 times now. Well, as (good) luck would have it, I know you very well and also Mr. Pradip. He was my final sem Electronics teacher in Kottyam! I am not sure whether he remembers me, but all of us have such fond memories of him. We remember rooting for him during that season's "Meri Aawaz Suno" and yes, the booze party soon after he won the competetion ;-)
I also remember making him sing "Bahon ki darmiyan" from the movie "Khamooshi" just before our final sem classes got over.
Ajay - thanks for sharing the link to Blogswara and of course its really good to hear my teacher sing (again).
Good luck!
Anonymous said…
web2learn - And your point is? This is a blog for music lovers and lets keep it that way.
Kaunquest said…
@sriju, thanks for your comment buddy. Pradip surely remembers you da. will catch up with you on chat soon. Have a nice weekend.

@web2learn, good luck with your venture.

@antispam, thanks for visiting. I hope u liked blogswara :) Thanks for the encouragement

Please put a link to the musical version under the respective songs. IT will give your readers a chance to listen to the music too.
bilbo said…
am listening to shikwe giley as I type this. Must tell you this has been written well but aisi bheegi beats it hollow. Its even more beautifully written, more so , maybe because I can relate to it
Kaunquest said…
@bilbo, many thanks for visiting and listening to these tracks. Glad you liked them.

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