उदास हो रहा समा (Udaas ho raha samaa)

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

उदास हो रहा समा ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा
ज़हर मिला शराब में तू ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा

वा-रफ्ता दिल को भूल जा.. होश से दामन चुरा
साखी नज़र नज़र मिला ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा

बह जाऊं दिल के खून में.. सोजाऊँ  मैं सुकून से
सरकाये जा पर्दा यूं ही ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा

सोचा के दिल के साथ साथ जलगाये वो सारे दाग
धुंआ उठे क्यों राख से ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा ज़रा

udaas ho raha samaa zaraa zaraa, zaraa zaraa
zahar milaa sharaab mein tu, zaraa zaraa, zaraa zaraa

wa-rafta dil ko bhool jaa, hosh se daaman churaa
saaqii nazar nazar milaa, zaraa zaraa, zaraa zaraa

beh jaaon dil ke khuun mein, sojaaon mai sukoon se
sarkaaye jaa pardaa yoon hi, zaraa zaraa, zaraa zaraa

socha ke dil ke saath saath jalgaye vo saare daag
dhuaan uTte kyon raakh se, zaraa zaraa, zaraa zaraa

(wa-rafta = distracted;lost)

Photo credit unsplash-logoJJ Jordan


ESIH said…
the audio clip was beautiful!!mind blowing~
Shalz Nair said…
Hey !

As always its nice to start one's day with a good thought or else a good poem ! U have already made my day !

thnks for dropping by ! i can never go too far away from blogspot. will keep coming back ! continue writing, cus u do inspire a few if not many by your poems...

keep smiling ! cheers
god bless!!
I really enjoyed reading your poetry, its good to know that you like Ghazals and poet like MIR.

This post of yours reminded me of my NAZM (SAQEEYA)that I wrote four years ago.

I would like to share with you,


Meh pila, meh pila, Saqeeya meh pila
Day jila, day jila, Ishq ko day jila
Na mila, na mila, chian mujhe na mila
Ban gya shara ye dil, phool koee to khila

Kya kahoon, kya kahoon, kya kaha! Chup rahoon
Bas sitam sheta rahoon, lab kushaee na karoon
Kuch nahee, kuch nahee, dar mujhe kuch nahee
Hoon bad-e-meharbaan, khauf say tu bujh nahee.

Kar khata, kar khata, kar bhee day dil ata
Kho bhee day hosh ab, mujko yun na sata
Day azan, day azan, band bhee kar ab fughan(crying)
Tishnagee(thirst) bhar gaee, aagaee phir khizan(autumn).

I know no Urdu, but I enjoy every bit of Ghulam Ali. Herewith a piece I wrote after meeting him. Hope you will like it:

Jealousy, thy name is melody

DECCAN HERALD carried a lovely middle two days back. Titled Timekeepers and show-offs, it is written by Madhavan, who lives in Mysore after retiring as a diplomat. Madhavan’s writing is always delectable, but this particular humourous article took the cake. He was simply brilliant as the formidable R.K. Narayan.

The middle describes how inadequate Madhavan finds himself in the company of thigh-tapping rasikas at classical music recitals. Madhavan is a hardcore music lover and he even looks one. It is only out of his true modesty that he says in the article that his knowledge of rhythm is limited. If a well-trained rasika like Madhavan could feel overpowered in the midst of the cognoscenti, well I have no right to go anywhere near the venue of any music recital. Yet, I have the audacity to disclose that I have sung. I am no classical singer. Not even a class singer. I just sing.

I don’t know how, but I have performed on both radio and television. What however cannot be questioned is my passion for music. Ghulam Ali is one of my most favorite singers. I don’t like to imitate anyone, but unable to help not flattering Ali to my soul’s content, I have tried to sing a couple of his ghazals. Chupke, chupke raat din is one of them. I have not so much succeeded in uttering just that one word chupke to my satisfaction. The melody, the tender touch of Ali, is conspicuously missing. (His delicate touch is akin to the gentle touch imparted to the shuttlecock by the badminton player while executing the drop shot). I end up feeling J. I console myself, saying: Can Ghulam Ali, or any other great singer, for that matter, ever match my sweetness when I call my wife by her name?

(Subsequently, I met Ghulam Ali over tea during his music tour of Mysore. The sweet soul accepted my invitation without fuss).
Manish said…
hey... man sahi hai.... u hav really written this piece beautifully...
too gud :)
Kaunquest said…
@sushmita, Thank u :) I am a fan of your drunken cat!

@shals, You have made my day with your comment :) So, yoon hi milte rahenge inhi vaadiyon mein..

@farhan, Sahi hai. Wah bhai maan gaye. Thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog too. Glad to see that you write nice english poetry too.

@Blogging One's Own Trinkets, Welcome here. Nice to know about your meeting with Ghulam Ali. Humility comes with greatness and I think, your experience with Ghulam Ali is a good example of that.
Since you are a singer, why dont you start an audio blog of your own. I know a few fellow bloggers who sing karoke and post online.
Kaunquest said…
@Manishji, shukriyaa hauslaa afzaai ka. thanks for the appreciation.

Came up with a tune for this song. Let me send it in a week. Keept up the good work.
Kaunquest said…
@Murali, Brilliant! I will look forward to your email buddy. I can't wait to hear this come to life :)

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