सवेरा सवेरा (Saveraa, Saveraa)

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

सवेरा सवेरा नया दिन सुनेहरा
सूरज के हाथों में प्रकृति का चेहरा

saveraa, saveraa, nayaa din suneharaa
suuraj ke haathon mein prakruthi kaa chehraa

Today is Vishu, Kerala new year. My vishu kani this year was arranged by mother nature herself - a beautiful new day. I look forward to a bright new year of happiness and health. And I wish you all the same.

Vishu Kani - a person’s fortune for the year is believed to be dependant on the object he/she first sees on Vishu day. Kani is an arrangement of objects that promise prosperity, kept for people to see when they begin their new year.


Ganesh said…
Wish you and your family a very happy Happy Vishu
Kaunquest said…
Ganesh, Thank you and wish you a happy new year too. I will catch up with you sometime during the weekend.
Alapana said…
"Ek aur din,lekin sab kuch lagtha naya,wahi subah ki laali,wahi suraj ki kiran,wahi dhoop chaaw.n ka khel,fir bhi sab kuch lagtha naya,Shayad ek nayi wazah bagayi ye naya savera fir muskuraane ka,hasne gaane ka..mausam bahaar ka,leaaya ek Naya savera:)

A very Happy Vishu to you. and i read your profile today and i am still smiling because i always thought that you were a North Indian,and when ppl used to think i am a north Indian i used to be so annoyed:)
Keep writing,i will be back here again and again to taste the flavour of the words here,Beautiful:)
Happy Vishu to you.Awesome,Totally love your flair for poetry in Hindi.
Jo said…
Hope you had a good time. :-)
Kaunquest said…
@alapana, Absolutely, din naye naye, nayaa aasmaan, har saveraa laaye ik nayaa jahaan :)

thank u and wish you too. Thanks for your comments, you are most welcome :) Likewise, I enjoy reading your posts. You always bring along those precious gems from gulzar and other great poets.
Kaunquest said…
@Edu, Glad you came by and hope to see you around :) Thank you for your kind feedback.

@Jo, Well, vishu without family - I was not hoping for much anyways :). But had a good day. Hope you had a great time.
Suji said…
You write great poetry! Will visit ur blog often now :). And a very happy Vishu to you.
Kaunquest said…
@suji, welcome here. Thank you and see you around :)

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