शकल अपनी (Shakal apni...)

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

हम तन्हा  न चलते तो खुद से कहाँ मिलते
चेहरों के भीड़ में भूल आते शकल अपनी

Hum tanhaa na chalte to khud se kahaan milte
Chehron ke bheed mein, bhool aate shakal apni...

..to get inspired from within, to find ones own path!

Here is my first experiment with sound, please click on the link below to...
listen to Khamoshi


Dawn said…
WOW...amazing..is this ur sound??????

well...apnee shakal dekhne ke liye tanha hone ki zaroorat hai kya :)

waise iss sher ne Jagjit ji ki ghazal yaad dila dee...

Tanha tanha hum ro lenge
mehafil mehafil gayenge
jab tak aansoo hai hum ro lenge :)

sher ke liye daad hazir hai...:)

Mystique said…
That was beautiful.

"Rukh pe dtalthi hui mukhthaari bhi
Mai ne dekhi teri naakaami bhi"

Love it. How do you come up with these gems?:)
CyberMenace said…
beautiful poems you have in here .. who or what is the inspiration ?

BTW thanks for visiting my blog !
Kaunquest said…
@dawn, yes, thats me!
lol! :) I wrote this first time as a comment on your blog. Check 'sehar'.
Yes, that ghazal is from 'hope', right?
and thank u.

@mystique, thanks for the appreciation. dont know how I manage to write, still a mystery to me :)

@cybermenace, Welcome her buddy. Thank u. Inspiration? My aawaara mind, the world within and the world outside :), I suppose. zyaada sochaa nahin hai is baare mein. Probably my interest in ghazals and songs went too far that it damaged some funny nerve :)
The post on Kyoto Geisha was nice, I will keep visiting.
Ar Ar Ar Arrrrr said…
Will surely check it out when I acces your blog from ma home on weekend...

Thanks for dropping by on ma tiny space..

Neetika said…
Meri shakal hi aisi hai jise mein nahi dekhna chahti......jokes apart....
Is duniya ki bheer mein mein apni shakal nahi apni pehchan doondana chahti hoon!!

From this i remembered one song-
Naam gum jayega
Chehra ye badal jayega
Good one
Manish said…
it was tooooo good....
beautiful words... speaks a lot bout urself....
keep doin good work....
waitin for more of these kinds...
god bless you
Emotions said…
hey dude really a superb one !!

"khud ko bhool kar kise yaad karoge...is duniya ke bhed mein tanhai ki fariyad karoge..rah jaoge jab tanha tum..to phir is bhed mein aane ki guzarish karoge...."

all d bst !!
keep writing n keep smiling :-)
Kaunquest said…
@z00nie, welcome here dude. Cheers!

@Neetika, The face is the representaiton of the projected self in this :)... Yeah, a Gulzar classic, thank u

@Manish, thank u buddy. Will do.. keep visiting :)

@emotions, a killer one, well said :) and thank u.
Srividya said…
wow! man, this sounds just amazing... keep it coming :)
Jo said…
Hey Ajay!!

That was a wonderful experience man! I think from now on you should post all your poems like this and also give the lyrics in the post.
Dawn said…
Yes..I saw that sher on my blog and hence...I hv replied bk to that sher too :)
check it out....
but keep writing..

Kaunquest said…
@srividya, thank u. :)

@Jo, okey, will try to do a few more. I am really looking forward to our songs.

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