जीने का एहद (Jeene ka ehadh)

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

कभी सीने में धड़क बनाके रखा हमने तुम्हे
कभी अश्क़ों में तड़प बनाके रखा हमने तुम्हे

मेरी आह की गर्मी
मेरे लैब पे रुका हुआ वो नाम
नग्मों की घनक
ख्वाबों की महक
जीने का एहद
बनाके रखा हमने तुम्हे

Kabhi seene mein dhaDak banaake rakha humne tumhe
Kabhi ashqon mein thaDap banaake rakha humne tumhe

Meri aah ki garmi, Mere lab pe ruka hua vo naam,
Nagmon ki ghanak, Kwaabon ki mehak,
Jeene ka ehad, banaake rakha humne tumhe..

photo credit unsplash-logoChristian Wiediger


Ar Ar Ar Arrrrr said…
Jeene ka ehadh, banaake rakha humne tumhe..
Didnt get this sentence....wht does it mean??
Kaunquest said…
The promise to live. Probably, the word is better transliterated as 'Ahd
Neetika said…
Well how do you manage to write such awesome poetries???
Amazing(all i can say)
I should suggest you write a book, and i'll be the first one to buy ur book....
Hugs n Kisses
Emotions said…
"Aur aapne yun shayari likh likh kar apna deewana banake rakha humein....."

all d bst !!
keep writing n keep smiling :-)
Manish said…
sahi hai... kya likha hai...
lagta hai v-day ke uplaksh mein yeh saamne aaya hai ;)
well written!
Kaunquest said…
@neetika, Thank u. :)
khudaa kare aapki yeh dua asar kar jaaye...
Kabhi ik kithaab likhe hum aur aap ko nazar kar jaaye..
I am glad that if I ever write a book, atleast one copy will get sold! and so maybe someday, I will. Thanks a lot :)

@emotions, Thank u! Keep visiting and I will keep writing :)
Isii deewaangi ke hum deewane hai..

@Manish, This should have been a V-day post, but was very busy this week. :) Thank u

and hope all of u had a great valentines day.
Shalz Nair said…
hey !!
Thanks for dropping by pal !!
Uhhmmm if i were to comment on your poems i would rather be quiet. cus its beyond words.

Everytime i read something like this i am lost in time..... a place where nothing else exists but all those memories.... and i sit and smile to myself...until i am banged it reality yet again.....

Thanks for being such a amazing poet.....and i bet you have an equally amazing and pure heart.

Take care
God Bless !!
Ar Ar Ar Arrrrr said…
Thanks for the reply...

nice poem :)
Dawn said…
Jeene ke kayee bahane dhunde hain logone
Kuch dekar guzar jaane ki ada bahut khoob lagi humein ;)

bahut khoob....daad farmate hain....

Anon said…
hey...this is so beautiful...keep it going
Kaunquest said…
Folks, sorry abt the delay in responding. Many thanks for all your comments.
@shals, glad to see you here after a long time. keep visiting.
@zoonie, thank u
@dawn, shukriyaa
@komal, sure, will do :)
Anonymous said…
Such beautiful verses, dil bhar aaya!! You are blessed! Keep writing.

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