ये जो तेरे औज़ार है (Ye jo tere auzaar hai)

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

ये जो तेरे औज़ार है
ये बेरुखी ये खामोशी
बोहत तेज़ इनके धार है
और बड़े शौक़ से तुम ने
मेरे दर्द को तराशा है

Ye jo tere auzaar hai
Ye berukhi, ye khaamoshi
Bohat tez inke dhaar hai
Aur bade shauq se tumne
Mere dard ko taraasha hai


Arti Honrao said…
Touching indeed ...
N thanks 4 dropping at "Straight from the heart" n leaving a comment. Now that I hv got u thinkin, try writing letter 4 once and feel the experience :)

Dawn said…
WOW...what a comparison...gosh!!! sach hee to hai...ek ajeeb sa dard ka ehasaas...auzaar hee de sakte hein...
wow liked the thought process...

daad kabool farmayein...
Thanks for visiting...my blog! I have answered ur query there :)
Kaunquest said…
Arti, hey thank u. I donno, maybe i will. I had bought some airmail envolopes couple of years back with all good intentions - did not used a single one! Those may be lying somewhere.
Kaunquest said…
Dawn, welcome. many thanks for visiting here.
Thank u :))
I checked out musicindiaonline and found the Abida collection. I did not get the chance to sit down and listen yet. Thanks a million.

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