Vo bhuuli daastaan..

I will return and finish the previous post some day, hopefully. Just cannot force my mind to get back into that zone. Well, why should I hurry or worry, the material world gives me enough deadlines for all that, all day, every day. So, I will rather pace this my way.

I can’t sing, I am miserable at it, but I love songs. I don’t understand the scientific side of music, but like most of us, I can’t think of a world without music. The talent to sing or to create music is magical and precious. Not ashamed to admit that I really admire and at the same time envy :-) those who are blessed with these talents. I did have my little peek into the world of music production long ago, back in 1996 and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

There were three of us in the project Rajesh – The singer and producer (it was his idea, basically), Anil – The music director and me – the lyricist. It all started as a small New-year thing for the local tele channel. But, when we got down to it the songs turned out to be really good. (I do hasten to add that I am normally humble about stuff!:-)) and it turned ito a pop album. We did a total of 8 tracks, got it digitally mixed and all that. Unfortunately, in spite of Rajesh’s relentless efforts, there was no takers for the album. .. so it ended there, that was my 15 minutes in the Music world. I still believe, the songs are good even for today and so do Rajesh and Anil! Maybe someday, it will see the light of day.

Anyways, we all moved on from that point. Anil is very much in the Music industry, Rajesh is an upcoming playback singer in Malayalam and I, well, I am very much into a 0-creativity, high-stress IT life. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do – its just a different ball game.

Here are some lines similar (not exactly) to the lyrics of my favorite song,

dil mein, meri jaan, samaaye ho tum
tere bina, dekho, mai to yahaan akelaaa, teraa, deewaaanaaa

saansen dhuaan, dil mein tuufaan, tum ho kahaan sanam
bhuulaa nahin, dil woh tere vaadey woh saare kasam
kab miti aashquii, Kyun bane ajnabee
Kyaa huaa, yeh bataanaa...
(Dil mein.. )

(Original song by @kaunquest)


Anonymous said…
beautiful wordings..another one to identify with HIM....except the last 3 lines..u write great...try to maintain a diary and get it published..dont let it die...today is an inspiration for tommorrows result!
Kaunquest said…
hey, thank u. Thats a good thought. I will keep the flame burning and who knows, maybe one day :-)
Anonymous said…
Hey there... I'm sorry, can't understand most of the stuff in your posts - but this post made a lot of sense to me!

Esp. agree with the "I can’t think of a world without music" bit - reminds me of the Abba song "Who could live without it??"


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