रोज़ के हादसे (Roz Ke Haadse)

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

रोज़ के हादसे आम वायदात है
कोई पड़ता नहीं ये वो अकबार है

कोई बैठा रहा राह तकता हुआ
और बुझता गया आज उसका दिया
अंधेरों में रोते आँखों का क्या
रौशनी में कहाँ इनकी पहचान है

पूछे किसका पता जो ही खुद लापता
नाम दो चार है और घर रास्ता
रास्तों मैं बिखरते बचपन का क्या
सिर्फ खोया हुआ कोई एहसास है

इन पर्दों के पीछे कई राज़ है
इक कहानी लिए सैकड़ों ज़ख्म है
इस रंगीन शहर में वफाओं का क्या
महज़ बेढंग सा एक अलफ़ाज़ है

बोझ उठती नहीं भूक मिटती नहीं
वक़्त रुकता नहीं उम्र कटती नहीं
भीड़ में रोज़ मिलते चेहरों का क्या
तुम ने पूछा नहीं आम इंसान है

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

roz ke haadse, aam vaydaath hain
koi paDtaa nahin, yeh vo akbaar hai

koi baitaa raha raah taktaa hua
aur bujhtaa gaya aaj uskaa diya
andheron mein rote aankhon ka kya
raushnii mein kahaan, inki pehchaan hai

puuche kiska pataa jo hai khud laapataa
naam do chaar hain aur ghar raastaa
raaston mein bikharte bachpan ka kya
sirf khoya hua, koi ehsaas hai

in pardon ke peeche kai raaz hai
ik kahaani liye saikDon zakm hai
is rangeen shehar mein wafaaon ka kya
mehaz berang sa, ek alfaaz hai

bojh uT_taa nahin, bhuuk miT_tii nahin
waqt ruktaa nahin, umr kaT_tii nahin
Bheed mein roz milte chehron ka kya
tum ne puucha nahin, aam insaan hai

- Kaunquest

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Anonymous said…
m reminded of an old film song...

ya dil ki sunoh duniyawalon
ya mujhko abhi chup rahne do
main gam ko khushi kaise keh doon
jo kehte hain unko kehne do.....
Kaunquest said…
Aise thaariif se tho, humen Dar hai, hum biGad jaayenge! :-)

This is such a classic by Kaifi Azmi. The song, the scenes, everything is so captivating.
In those days, it was important for the songs to have quality lyrics. Those were days of the greats, my favorite is always Gulzar. ‘Tere bina zindagi se koi’, ‘Dil DoonDtha hai’,
‘Ek akela is shehar mein’ , ‘Akhiyon ke jharonkon se’ are all such magical songs.
Nowadays, poetry seems to have lost its relevance. The only torch bearer for good lyric is Javed Akthar. Yes, we still have some occasional ones from Gulzar. I don’t know, maybe its me just not paying enough attention anymore, or probably, no one is….
Anonymous said…
U know u have created quite a piece of art...it has nostalgia as in,"Raasthon mein bikharthe bachpan ka kya
Sirf khoya hua, koi ehsaas hai"...it has scorn for the soulless cosmopolitianism as in,"Is rangeen shehar mein wafaaon ka kya
Mehaz berang sa, ek alfaaz hai" and lastly it has a feeling of extending attention to anonymity of a lay man...highly remniscient of the 70's socialistic hindi poetry....keep it coming...:)...DEpthful...!and yes dil doondhta hai and ek akela is seher main have no match!
Ganesh said…
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Ganesh said…
kaunquest first time here.
I also do composing and singing.
Was looking for a good lyricist.
And my friend who is also a composer was looking for a good lyricist.

I am going to forward your blog to him.

Is it possible to have transliteration of your work

Kaunquest said…
Hello Ganesh, Glad that you visited my blog, thank u. Certainly, why not! I will look forward to that.
Kaunquest said…
Kay, enjoyed reading your comments. I was initially thinking of typing in some words to go with this one. Some of the images that came to me were..of someone's irrecoverable loss, profound sadness, the reality that life goes on.. Children of the streets, each has his own story of lost innocence. Then the story behind the veil or the gaudy corridors seldom heard in the noise of the mechanical city life. Then,the eternal struggle of the common man like the mouse and the wheel situation. It keeps running inside the wheel, as it fears of losing balance. The view never changes, its the same old reflection of its own self on the steel surface of the wheel.

... all everyday disasters.
Mystic Bard said…
Hi Kaunquest,
Followed your link thru ur comment on my blog.

I echo Jay's sentiments on the poem.Both the lines r my fav too.Will keep comin here.

Achcha not nit picking but when you say -"Bhojh uTtha nahin, bhuuk miTtha nahin"

I am assuming that by 'bhuuk' you mean hunger.If I am right technically it should be - bhuuk miTti nahi. As bhuuk is feminine and not a masculine.
Kaunquest said…
Hello Sublime Thoughts, Welcome to my blog. well spotted! Thank u, I have corrected it now.
Princessse said…
beautiful imagery ... loved every word of it... and kay's comments and your response too... :) very soulful...

Also enjoyed ur reminiscing with kay over Gulzar ji's beauties ...gems they are..gems.. ur observation rings true I'm afraid. I think javed akhtar is all we have left of classic romanticist poetry and mehboob, who writes some amazing lyrics as well:).
Kaunquest said…
Princesse, thank u, shukriya. I was really hoping for this to convey all the different themes, I am soo gald to see so many positive responses.

Everybody loves Gulzar :) His style is so different and unique. Just love it!
My listening skills have gone down very much over the recent years and I have not been giving much attention to any of the new songs (lyrics). I am probably missing out on some of the good stuff produced recently.

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