उस राह पे .. (Us Raah Pe..)

यही तो है वो रास्ता
चलना तो तेरे साथ था
क्या सही था क्या गलत रहा
फैसला तो मेरे हाथ था

तेरे अश्क़ थे.. मेरी बेबसी
सीने में कैसा दर्द था
तेरे नैन पूछते रह गए
मैं ही था जो खामोश था

(Original poetry by @kaunquest)

Yahi to hai woh raastaa
Chalnaa to tere saath thaa
Kya sahi tha, kya galat raha
Faislaa tho mere haath thaa

Tere ashq the, meri bebasii
Seene mein kaisa dard tha
Tere nain puuchte reh gaye
Mai hi tha jo khaamosh tha

...those unspoken words, those lost opportunities
those distant memories, aftertaste of yesterdays

Photo courtesy unsplash-logoStephanie Klepacki


idiot said…
these lines took me back to my good old college days...you are really blessed that you can express your feelings thru words...
i envy you my friend.
Kaunquest said…
:-))only the words are mine - the experience is your very own, created in your own mind. Poetry lives in the minds of people who appreciate it, thanks for visiting by..

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