तन्हाई (Tanhaai)

हवा गर चले भी तो वो धीरे से चले
यहां पत्ता हिले तो मेरी साँसों से हिले
मेरे सन्नाटे  मेरी हुकूमत
मैं बादशाह अपनी तन्हाई का

Hawa 'agar chale bhi to, woh dheeme se chale
Yahan patha hile to, meri saanson se hile
Mere sannaatte, meri hukuumath
Mai baadshah apni tanhaai ka....

(original poetry by @kaunquest)

...My first post. Although until 1997 I never left Kerala or seen any place north of Chennai or Bangalore, I was always in love with the flair and flavour of poetry in Urdu. Since I couldn't read the language, my sources of inspiration were the Ghazals and Movie songs brought to life by the golden voices of Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali, Pankaj Udhas, Hariharan, Md. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar & many others. Whilst the Ghazals showed me the world of Ghalib, Meer & Khayyam, the magic of the simple lyric by Gulzar, Sahir Ludhyanvi and Majrooh captured my heart.

I had to write my own, there was no two ways about it! Its probably 13 years ago that I wrote my first couplet and experienced the joy of creation. My laziness, technology and my life took me away from the poetry I so loved once upon a time and this blog is a dedication to that passion, now sleeping in some quiet corner of my heart. Just a humble attempt to keep that fire burning in there. I dont expect too many visitors here, now that you are reading this, I am extremely grateful that you browsed through. Hope you found something you liked..

Photo by Jim Cooke


Anonymous said…
AMAZING!! your shayaris are great...and so are the songs...
Kaunquest said…
Thank u Anonymous :)
Anonymous said…
Your gazals are really very beautiful.

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