Thursday, August 21, 2008

Koii Raaz-e-dil VIDEO

An amature attempt to create a video for my song with Sindhuja, Koii Raaz-e-dil. Thanks to some amazing graphics from final fantasy i borrowed from other youtube videos, i think it looks ok and goes with the song! What do you think?

- Kaunquest


पारुल "पुखराज" said...

hi ajay,parul here..ur orkut frn....gr88job...lyrics r v nice as well as dhun and music...mai likhti huun aur gaati huun..bahut khushi hui apka blog dekhkar....godbless

Suma said...

Nice. Quite honestly i liked the video better than the audio track. Its rather funky :). The voice (singer's) is nice. The background isn't too bad either. I guess the tune feels too carnatic to me. Is this something you did for blogswara ?

Kaunquest said...

@parul, thanks..I know u sing. glad to see that u blog too..

@Suma, Yes. the visuals of final fantasy are really good.. I am pleased with my editing too ;)
Its not a blogswara song.. I just wrote hindi lyrics to a malayalam track, thatz why u get a southie feel.. its not a translation though! just time pass.. :)

anish said...

really goes very well with the song. as if it was meant for your song! fantastic! :)