Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Haan unke lab pe...

haan unke lab pe sadaa rukii hai
zubaan pe meraa naam rukaa hai
mai chal rahaa hoon yoon dheere dheere
umeed dil ko ke vo pukaare

vo dekhte hai saagar ki lehren
kabhii vo dil mein bhi jhaank jaate
hazaar armaan machal rahe hain
phir ek tuufaan sa uTh rahaa hai

hai jung aankhon ki aansuoon se
vo dard-e-dil ko chupaa rahe hain
bas ek mauka vo dil ko dete
meri wafaa pe yakeen vo karte

...just another simple song! Infact, its been a while since i got around to writing.

Listen to Azam Khan's beautiful rendition of this one by clicking here ->
Haan unke lab


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Priyankari said...

Absolutely beautiful! It has a great flow and a depth of feeling exudes through your poem.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you there again.

Arz000n said...

subhaan alaaaah.....kya baat hai..
kya baat hai!!

Kaunquest said...

@Priyankari, Thanks for visiting. Glad u liked it.
Sure, will do!

@z000nie, thanks for visiting :)

Vidyu said...

Awesome! Lyrics as well as Azam's rendition! :)

Anonymous said...

wah... it is very touching... loved this .. and with the music, it really strikes a chord :)

" mai chal rahaa hoon yoon dheere dheere ....
umeed dil ko ke vo pukaare... "

Parasmani said...

I was trying to click on Lehron pe and clicked on this unknowingly...
I was very pleasantly surprised to hear a very pleasant, very familiar voice.
What can I say that I have not said before!!!!
Ye hi dua hai..aap salamat rahein aur gaate rahein..

Parasmani said...

Lyrics!!.. go right through the heart... excellent!

Kaunquest said...

thanks for the comment. The voice is of Azam Khan, a blogger friend. :)