Friday, August 04, 2006

Jaaye raahii kahaan

Its been a while since I posted anything. This song was written a few months back. The tune, the music, everything is ready. But, we are yet to do the final version.

jaaye raahii kahaan
jaane manzil kahaan
rishton ke khoj mein
haan mai bhi gumshudaa (haan haan mai gumshudaa)

yaadon ke dhoop mein, chamke hai raah mein
lamhe bikhre hue... lamhe bikhre hue...
tTokar doon dard ko, maayuusi choDdoon
Lamhon ko sajaaon mai, sapnon ke rang se
seene mein hai rawaan
sapnon ka kaarwaan
rishton ke khoj mein
haan mein bhi gumshudaa (haan haan mai gumshudaa)

Anjaane raaste, Humraahi bangaye
sang mere aagaye... sang mere aagaye...
beparwaa mai chalun, baadal aawaara mai,
tanhaai tuu bathaa, kisko aawaaz doon
khush hoon mai istarhaa
lekin kyon bekaraar
Rishton ke khoj mein
haan mein bhi gumshudaa (haan haan mai gumshudaa


Dawn said...

Yes indeed after a long time :)!
Nice poetry....ek ladakpan mein guzri hui dastaan nazar aayee :)
daad hazir hai janab :)

Unknown said...

A heart-felt poetry! I feel touched!

Murali Venkatraman said...

the song will come out ajay. sorry for making you wait.

Kaunquest said...

@dawn, yes true! I have too many things going on now that my family is back here. Also, work is as busy as ever

@Khan sahab, thanks for the appreciation. I am sure you will like the song when you hear it. The guys have done a fantastic job.

@Murali, :) I know mate, we will do it. dont be sorry, its one of our many songs and am sure it will come out great! I was initially thinking I will post it when we release the track, but then I was not posting anything on my blog for a long time and decided to just post this one.