Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hai nazar-navaaz

hai nazar-navaaz, naaz-o-niyaaz
kyun na ho barbaad, adaa-shanaas, dil betaab

nazar-navaaz=pleasing to the eye
naaz-o-niyaaz=airs and graces
adaa-shanaas=one who reads hints


Suji said...

hai dil-navaaz, lafz-o-alfaaz
kyun na ho abaad dil

lol...did not know enuf urdu words to complete second line.

Kaunquest said...

ha..ha.. Very good try Suji. i will try to complete it for you...

hai dil-navaaz, lafz-o-alfaaz
kyun na ho abaad dil, hai dil-aawez ye haseen jazbaat

BlueByrd said...

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Dawn said...

Amazing sher...but when ever you write one couplet..I feel why dont you try out for the whole ghazal :)


Unknown said...

Dear Ajay,
You have done some interesting work. I don not know enough about Urdu shairi and its principles but I am very intrigued by your use of urdu words. Very interesting and delightful.

I have added link of your weblog to my weblog. Is it ok?

Anon said...

wow....ure urdu is great......

Kaunquest said...

@bluebyrd, will check this out once i am back in UK. The dialup here is very slow.

@dawn, Thanks! It depends on the mood, sometimes i end up writing more couplets, but many a times this is what happens! I do revisit and complete them. For this one - http://kaunquest.blogspot.com/2005/11/chala-aaya.html I wrote the first couplet long ago and finished this after a 3 or 4 year gap!

@khan sahab, welcome here. Thanks for your comments. I dont attempt to write shayaris or ghazals, but songs yes! So no principles and rules, only free flow of thoughts, emotions and words :) Thanks for adding me to your weblog. I could not listen to your songs yet. Will do it next week (as i am away now!)

@Komal, thanks yaar. Listen, i have written u a scrap, pls check. What languages do u write in?