Monday, April 10, 2006

Baad-e-sabaa mein saans loon

baad-e-sabaa mein saans loon, is zameen ko chuum loon
har adaa pe nau_bahaar ki, mai apne dil ko thaam loon

.. just visited Dawn's blog. She has nicely captured the beginning of spring in pictures - instant inspiration for this one :)


farhaN Nocturnal said...
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farhaN Nocturnal said...

Bohat khub manzar kushee kee hai bahaar kee JANAB.

Bahaaron ka naghma, yeh banna swarna,

Fizaoon ke dhun pey khilna, bikharna

Seekha hai tu nai kahan sai sitamger

Nigahoon kei rastay se dil main utarna.


Jo said...

Happy Vishu!

Neetika said...

This is superb
Are you a anonymous writer, hiding your identity??
I think so
You write so nicely
Take care

Kaunquest said...

@farhan, Thank u and thanks for adding such a beautiful poem in your comment too. Daad kubool farmaayen..

@jo, Same to you buddy :)

@neetika, thank u. I am not very particular about being anonymous. I just like it this way, thatz all. Thanks, Ajay