Sunday, December 04, 2005

Aahista... hi sahi

Aahista... hi sahi, aa chale saath hum
ab kadam do kadam
Khatm hojaaye na, is Dagar pe safar
is se aage bhi hai raaste, manzilen

Aainon se zara dhuul tuu saaf kar
khud se aankhen mila, do ghadi baat kar
DoonD laana mujhe apne ehsaas se
mujhko tu jaanle khud ko pehchaan kar

aandhiyon ka vo mausam jo tha Tal gaya
baadal to haT gaye, aasmaan mil gaya
mai giraftaar hoon apni tanhaai mein
UDke aajaa sanam, mujhko aazaad kar

Aashiyaana hamaara bhi hogaa yahin
hauslaa dil mein ho, to kaTe zindagi
dil ko mauka to de, pyar pe kar yakeen
dekh phir se jahaan, hath ye thaam kar good friend and talented singer, JO has composed and sung 'Aisi Bheegi Bheegi raathen', one of my earlier posts. You can visit him at and also listen to that song.


Psycho said...

Lovely posts !!!!

kaunquest said...

Thank u. Is that u in the pic? Thatz a striking pose.

Gypsy said...

very nice one!

Jo said...

I still doubt whether I could do the justice to your wonderful lyrics. :-)

kaunquest said...

Hey Jo, never under estimate your talent matey.

Shals said...

Hey buddy !!

You've got a unique blog here !!

Nice poem......
well written

Cheers !!

kaunquest said...

Thanks Shals, hope to see you around here again :-)

Sush said...

tht is a beautiful composition...truly lovely...:)

kaunquest said...

Sushmita, thank u. did you mean the song or this post?

kay said... interesting piece of poetry...the beginning is outstanding...the ending some what touching butnot that impressive....anyways...a cool read!

kaunquest said...

Kay, Glad to see you back in action. Hope you have fully recovered now :-). Thanks for the honest comment. I think I need to slow down a bit.

Amrit said...

nice blog ur in my blogroll

Amrit said...
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kaunquest said...

Hello Amrit, Welcome here. Thank u.

idiot said...

ajay, this one is lovely. i love this.

Murali said...


call me in the weekend.

Murali said...

fogot to mention. I tuned this poem of yours.