Sunday, April 03, 2005

AAge AAge

I am back. Got busy and very lazy. If i plot a graph with x-axis as the amount of work to be done and the y-axis as the level of laziness, I am sure to find an increasing trend and then a sudden vertical growth at what I would call 'point of giving up'. I dont attempt poetry nowadays, simple reason.. my brain can only think in IT jargons..lifecycle models, process maturity, service delivery, QoQ improvements and so on.. So I gave, not on 'bread & butter', but poetry. Well, not entirely true, here I go again... (one of my oldies :-))

Chale jaa rahen hain sabhi door hum se
kisi ne bhi muDke dekha nahin hain
Aaj bhi hain kal bhi the, hum yoon akele
Hamen dekhen aisi nigaahen nahin hain

Dil ki khalish ko hum seh lethe
Tum chale jaathe, tho bhi jee lethe
Teri berukhi kaa, mujhe gham nahin hain
Rakeebon se dosthi tho kam sitham nahin hain

Zakmon ki kashthi, ashkon ke dhaare
Hum bin sahaare, DoonDe kinaare
Chalaave hain saare, saahil nahin hain
Mere liye koi manzil nahin hain

Humen dosthi mein sadme mile hain
Chehre ke peeche, chehre mile hain
Yahan tho dilon mein wafaayen nahin hain
In mehfilon mein shamme zaroori nahin hain

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